Enjoying Yoga with Your Family

Posted: April 26th, 2022

Yoga is about relaxation, connection, being present and it can still be all of those things as a family-friendly experience. We understand that you can’t always make it to our yoga studio in Melbourne, Florida, if that’s the case in your situation, this article is for you! Perhaps you are a stay-at-home parent or work from home. Summer is just around the corner, and if your children aren’t enrolled in summer camp, they will be spending a lot more time at home. How can yoga be enjoyed at a family friendly experience? Let’s take a look:

Including Your Family in Your Yoga Practice

Since yoga is all about connecting more deeply with yourself and others you can use yoga as a bonding experience to bring you all closer together. Synchronized movement does this even with strangers, and with family members it can be even more beneficial because there is already a connection there. It’s a great way to model healthy behavior and show your family a part of who you are and invite them to actively participate in your life.

Yoga can help your children become more mindful and release some of that infamous pent-up energy, being on the mat with them will be filled with laughter and smiles. Depending on the age and level of activity of your child, start with some basic, simple yoga poses and deep breathing exercises. Some poses that will come easily to children include bridge, downward facing dog, cat/cow pose, child’s pose, butterfly pose, cobra and many others! You’d most likely be really impressed with how much flexibility they have, it’s a great way to build their confidence by giving compliments along the way.

Yoga is For All Ages from Babies to Teenagers 

If you have an infant at home, you can include them by lifting them up in a position where you raise your hands. You can also keep them close to you and make funny faces while you are in certain poses to make them laugh, engaged and entertained. 

If you have older children, preteens or older, yoga is great to show them that these poses are for every body type, no matter the shape or size or level of activity. The great thing about the majority of poses is that they can be modified to fit Your needs and comfort level. It’s not a contest to see who can stretch the farthest or for the longest time but rather just to challenge yourself, relax yourself and develop healthy coping mechanisms to handle the stresses of life they will one day experience if they aren’t already.

If you do find the time and would like to come to a yoga class in our studio, check out our class schedule and save your spot. Thee House of Yoga is conveniently located right over the Melbourne, Florida causeway on 5th Avenue.