Jenna Lomazzo

Jenna connected with the movement and spirit of the body at a young age. Her journey began with dance, which lead her to study Shiatsu, followed by pursuit of a career in massage therapy. In 1998, Jenna graduated from the highly revered Humanities Center School of Massage and Allied Health. Then in 1999, she also graduated from the Shiatsu Institute of St. Petersburg as a Shiatsu practitioner. Her passion for anatomy and healing drew her even further into the yoga world, and strengthened her love for the craft. Before long, Jenna decided to take on the challenge of completing the Bikram Yoga College of India teacher training in Los Angeles, CA in 2001.

Jenna’s classes have noticeably improved my life substantially

In 2004, Jenna’s unquenchable interest in eastern modalities and healing techniques led her around the globe to Asia, where she studied Thai massage in Chiang Mai, Thailand. She then traveled to Hong Kong to help open the world-renowned Pure Yoga studios, where she spent four years teaching all styles of yoga. During her time in Asia, Jenna had the enlightening opportunity to study with many of today’s great masters, including Ana Forrest, Shiva Rae, the Jivamukti’s, Mark Whitwell and John Friend. She was also honored to assist and work closely with anatomy expert Ellen Heed.

Jenna is a certified yoga instructor: ERYT-500 with Yoga Alliance. And in 2007, she graduated from Byron Katie’s “The School for the Work” in Los Angeles, and incorporates this meditation technique into her practice in order to further facilitate peaceful living.

Jenna Lomazzo is a knowledgeable, dynamic and inspiring teacher with true compassion for her students and a sincere regard for their wellness and healing. Her teachings are based on years of personal practice, thoughtful and intelligent sequencing, and her sharp intuition.

Jenna designed and produced the signature THOY clothing line, employing 150 women in Bali. As a yogi herself, Jenna designed these clothes to be well suited to the practice, comfortable, and beautiful. 

Jenna's Timeline

  • April, 1999 - Graduated from the Humanities Center of Allied Health in St. Petersburg, FL. 625 HRS. NCMTB. Licensed Massage Therapist #MA 29160.
  • July, 1999 - Graduated from the Shiatsu Institute in St. Petersburg, FL. 200 hours+
  • June, 2002 - Graduated from Bikram's Yoga College of India in Los Angeles, CA. 500 hours+. 2002-2003 taught in Florida at Yoga with Helena, Melbourne. Bikram Yoga, St. Petersburg. Bikram Yoga Orlando. Bikram Yoga Longwood. Yogani Studios, Tampa.
  • Summer of 2004 - Graduated from The School of Thai Massage in Chiang Mai, Thailand. 60 HRS.
  • March 2005 - Moved to Hong Kong to help open and teach at the world-renowned Pure Yoga Studios.
  • 2006 - Met Ana Forrest, did 3 day teacher immersion followed by 28 days of the morning practice of the Foundation.
  • Studied with: Ana Forrest, Shiva Rea, John Friend, The Jivamukti's and Sharath.
  • 2007 - Graduated from Byron Katie's "School for The Work" in Los Angeles, CA.
  • 2008 - Assisted at Evolution Asia Yoga Conference, Ellen Heed's Sacred Anatomy and Sexuality course.
  • 2009 - Traveled thru Asia with a backpack and a guitar. India, Thailand, Indonesia. Did a 10 day fast in Goa, India at The Center for Health. Then later that year a 45 day detox called Panchakarma in Rishikesh, India with the guidance of an ayurvedic doctor, Dr Anu.
  • 2009 - Cranial Sacral studies with Ellen Heed in Los Angeles, CA. 30HRS.
  • Traveled back from Asia in 2009 to Florida and created Cozmic Yoga.
  • Summer of 2009 - Trained with New Image Line and the Cirque de Soleil performers on aerial silks in Orlando, FL.
  • 2009 - Opened up Beachside Massage Therapy private practice in Satellite Beach, FL.
  • 2010 - Was inducted into ZOBHA as a Circle of Grace member
  • April, 2011 - Graduated from Ana Forrest's Advanced Yoga Training in Chicago, Illinois.
  • September, 2011 - Graduated from Ana Forrest's 28 day Foundation Teacher Training in Houston, Texas. 500HRS+
  • February, 2012 - signed on to Forrest Yoga Mentorship Program for one year of study with Ann Hyde and Cat Allen.
  • May, 2012 - Graduated from AcroYoga Montreal Level One
  • 2013 - THEE HOUSE OF YOGA OPENS NEW STUDIO in Indialantic, Florida
  • 2013 - Jenna makes THOY a registered and allied school for 200/500 hour yoga teacher certification thru Yoga Alliance
  • 2014 - Jenna hosts her first teacher training “in thee house”
  • 2016 - Jenna hosts her first international yoga retreat
  • 2018 - Jenna designs, creates and brings to the USA, her very own yoga clothing line from Indonesia, Bali. She employed 150 women for this project.
  • 2020 - Jenna totally renovates the studio space in Indialantic, FL

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