Improving Relationships Through Yoga

Posted: April 26th, 2022

In order to understand how yoga can improve relationships, we must start by looking inward at the relationship we have with ourselves. When the relationship we have with ourselves is harmonious and serves our highest good, the relationships we have with others also becomes harmonious. If we’re being honest with ourselves, looking inwards can feel overwhelming but the benefits can far outweigh our fears. At the end of the day, it's safe to say we all long for joyful, honest, and fulfilling relationships within ourselves and others.

The Meaning of the Word Yoga

The word ‘yoga’, comes from the Sanskrit word yuj, meaning “yoke” or “unite”. It’s a great way to describe the practice of yoga which encompasses balance. Balance of the body, mind and spirit and more. It describes the balance of grace and strength, between contracting and opening up and becoming vulnerable. The balance of the left and right sides of the body, between energy and rest, and between light and dark. 

How Yoga Can Improve Your Relationships

Just as yoga can strengthen your body, mind, spirit and inner relationships, it can strengthen outward relationships as well. This happens almost effortlessly, as you grow and align with your higher self, it becomes easier to deal with outward experiences and that includes experiences and relationships with others.

  • Yoga Reduces Stress - Stress often manifests in the body, notice while you are stressed your shoulders tense up, your neck and other muscles throughout your body feel sore. The poses done in yoga practice, in combination with yogic breathing is a great way to let that stress go. At the end of a great yoga session, you will feel the stress has just melted right off of you. Stress overload can be harmful to relationships, not just relationships with a significant other, but every relationship you have including friends, co-workers, etc. Stress creates or deepens issues like moodiness, low energy, low self-esteem, and more. When stress is reduced it creates more room for joy and connection. 
  • Yoga Empowers You to be Mindful - Improved mindfulness can work wonders on your relationship. What is mindfulness exactly? It’s the ability to stay focused on the reality of a situation without allowing your mind to wonder, without attaching assumptions, expectations and emotions to the moment. To just simply be in that moment. Improved mindfulness allows you the opportunity to be more self-aware and notice how you are treating yourself and those around you.
  • Yoga Leads to Feelings of Social Connection - Have you ever noticed when you leave a yoga class you feel more connected to those around you? Yoga practice enhances body systems related to social connection. Yoga can also improve the function of the vagus nerve, this nerve plays a key role in resilience to stress. Those with a low vagal tone can experience resistance while recovering from stressful events, while those with a high vagal tone recover from stressful situations more easily. Doing yoga with a loved one is even more beneficial because research shows that synchronized movement assists in feelings of connection.
  • Yoga Enables Self-Healing - Yoga classes at Thee House of Yoga in Melbourne, Florida bring you on a journey inward. Taking time out of your busy day-to-day schedule for yourself allows you to relax, unwind, and gain the perspective needed to accomplish your goals. Self-healing takes various forms, let our yoga classes be one of them. 

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