Yoga Classes in Indialantic by Melbourne, Florida.

Yoga classes at Thee House of Yoga are tailored to individual needs and focused on the breath.

We create a moving meditation to guide you and inform you of your growth, your blind spots and also rebalance, realign and re-center yourself.

- Beginners to Advanced Welcome -

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Beginners Series Yoga in Florida

This is an introductory class designed for students who are NEW to YOGA. Learn the basic moves and the foundation to building a yoga practice. With clear, detailed instruction, and demonstration you will learn to breathe deeply, release tension in... Read More

Patience - Yin Yoga

  In this 60 minute class, quiet the mind, stretch the body, and relax into the present. Patience is centered around long, gentle stretches and deep emotional release. All levels welcome. Taught by Jenna, founder of Thee House. When you take... Read More


A 75 minute class oriented around supportive, relaxing poses and props. Nourish is meant to realign the nervous system and bring yogis into deep meditation. A great class for beginners! Schedule Nourish Read More


In this 60 minute class, focus on the breath and explore gentle stretches and movements in a hot flow. Purify is a Gentle yoga class that emphasizes the Mind/Body/Breath awareness to invite a more peaceful experience to your practice. This... Read More


In this 60 minute class, focus on building an expansive body and mind. Expansion is meant to promote balance and unity within oneself and emphasizes deep breathing and meditation. Focusing on asanas (poses) and pranayama (breathing and mind)... Read More

Calm - Forrest Yoga - Power Restorative

  In this 60, 75, or 90 minute class, focus on strengthening your core and breathing into challenging poses. A class designed to promote sensory awakening and cell oxygenation. This class is taught in a warm (not hot) environment to promote... Read More

Balance - Warm Bikram Yoga Inspired

A 90 minute class focused on challenging postures and cell detoxification. Come prepared to sweat and build strength! Recommended for more experienced yogis. Take this Warm Yoga Class to remember that even in the midst of chaos, you need to find... Read More

Delight - Gentle Hatha Yoga Inspired

A 75 minute class that serves as an introduction to Expansion, focused on leaning into sensory experience. This gentle class seeks to promote sleep health, present-living, and stress-reduction. Give yourself the time to take in the breath of... Read More

Prenatal / Doula Yoga Classes

Prenatal Yoga is an ideal way to stay in shape, stress free and healthy during pregnancy, but, more importantly, is an opportunity for expectant mothers to develop an awareness with their bodies (that is home for two) and deepen the relationship... Read More